Tony Roberts


My Garden artworks: Panels, Masks, and Hangings.


Cast and fused glass designed for life outdoors


Glass garden sculptures vary from the small, about one foot, to up to three, six, even eight feet tall. Standing alone or in groups, suspended, or mounted on a wall, fence or screen, they are with you for life. I make these works strong and durable, from thick glass, and laminate the work too, if needed. Surrounded by planting in a border or as an architectural focal point in a pond or hard landscaped area, their character and colour subtly, and sometimes dramatically, change throughout the day according to the light and weather conditions.

These sculptures are my exploration of human relationships, both with each other, and with our environment. I'd like to incorporate aspects of your story when you commission one of my artworks, allowing me to build you, too, into the spirit of the work.

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