Tony Roberts


My Monolith sculptures, tall and impressive, each full of character and stories.


Monolith Sentinels, Families and Forests


Glass monoliths vary from the small (about 30cms, 1 foot high) to the high (one, two, and even three metres). Standing alone or in pairs, surrounded by vegetation, they gather and constantly change with the surrounding light. Lit at night, they glow, focusing not just the light but also the attention of onlookers. Within each there are layers and layers of artwork, building the story of their creation. I build them to last millenia, time to gather new stories and histories from those that care for them.

How do they stay up, through wind, storm, cold and heat? Inside each is a concealed channel, into which a copper/steel rod, hammered deep into the soil, is inserted. That's all. Simple and beatufully effective!

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