Tony Roberts


My workshops are designed to let you create your own glass masterpiece!


Workshop programme

All workshops are either at my studio in Oswestry or in Knockin, near the Welsh borders.


Work with me to make your own glass sculpture! Commission an artwork from me, which we'll make together. Come and share a day workshop during which we will make whatever inspires you!

These workshops include:

  • Working with you to design the detail of the work: what's important to you...
  • Showing you how to build the component parts of a glass sculpture
  • All materials, safety equipment and tools
  • Helping me put your artwork together - or doing it yourself if you wish
  • Moulding the bed of the kiln (it can be casting sand, or flat, as needed)
  • Use of my kiln (a long coffin kiln, able to hold works up to one foot by six feet)
  • Discussion and chat and experimentation with other techniques
  • The firing itself - which can take up to 3 days
  • Delivery and fixings for your sculpture

What you'll get is only limited by your imagination and what will fit within the kiln: two six-foot monoliths, or four three-foot sculptures, a single panel or lots of smaller ones. If you want to share a workshop with a friend, that's OK - just bring your friend.

All workshops run from 11am to 5pm, with a break for lunch.

Casting glass takes time - for my sculptures, a three-day firing is about the average. You are more than welcome to return for the kiln opening, to remove and finish the work. However, if you can't make it, I will finish it for you, and deliver it, all within the same price.

Workshops cost £200 (plus, of course, the cost of the sculpture).

Workshop dates

Workshops are held on dates to suit you, but here's a guide to my availablity.